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Fine Wine Investment

"Let me help you indulge in your passion whilst looking after your future"

JL Wine consultancy facilitate all aspects of Fine Wine Investment for its clients, delivering a highly individual service. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.


What are the benefits of Fine Wine Investment?

Solid growth - index growth for fine wines in the last 10 years to 2016 was 267%.

Tax efficiency - no VAT or duty on wines kept or sold in a bonded warehouse enabling client to buy 20% more stock for their investment. No capital gains tax on investment as wine is considered as a “wasting” asset.

Low risk - growing demand is pushing up bottle price and return for investors. As Fine Wine from a specific vintage is consumed, less is available in the market place, therefore increasing the value of what in the long term will become a collector’s item.

Who might be interested in a Fine Wine Investment?

Those who have savings lingering in bank accounts with small return. Fine Wine Investment can be used as a vehicle to grow a pot of money, which is perfect for first time investors with minimal risk. 

“Savvy” people who are thinking of using Fine Wine Investment as a tax efficient way of handing over part of their estate to their children or grandchildren.

​Investors who would like to diversify their portfolio. High Net Worth Individuals and wine collectors/ enthusiasts who want to indulge in their passion and invest in their future. 

What we do for our clients?

Outline a contract agreement between the two parties. Source and negotiate for the best deal on wines as agreed. 

We have in-depth industry knowledge enabling our clients to receive best possible prices and in turn increase their return investment. JL Wine Consultancy has strong relationships with suppliers and therefore will guide clients buying investment grade wines on release, typically saving 20% when buying Burgundy and 10% to 15% with Bordeaux wines, (other regions will be similar) as well as obtaining trade prices outside these limited offers.

Administration related to the wine purchase such as opening an account for the bonded warehouse (including Insurance), transport and yearly valuation will all be taken care of by our team. We will also handle the divestment process, providing a smooth and easy transaction for our clients.  

Discover how to indulge in your Passion whilst investing in your Future

For our Report on Market Performance and Analysis:



“Wine is an interesting asset class and is tempting for those investors who wish to access a combination of solid growth and tax efficiency. But great knowledge and skill is required to drive the best outcomes and that is why I rely on Joel Lauga to guide me on what to buy and sell, and when. His encyclopaedic knowledge places him at the top of his field and I have learned a huge amount from working with him, as well as building an excellent portfolio of wines”.

Martin McCourt


Wine Investment Case Studies


Case Study 1

12 Month Burgundy Valuation

Case Study 2

Bordeaux 2016


How can clients use my Passion to invest in their Future


How much is the minimum investment?

Investment starts at £10,000, this will be sufficient for a small portfolio of Investment grade wines. However, it is possible for two friends to invest £5,000 each as long as it is done at the same time.

I don’t have a cellar, where will you keep my wine?

JL Wine Consultancy recommends that all wines purchased are stored under bond at Fonthill Estate Vaults a bonded warehouse in Wiltshire.

Will my wine be insured in case of accident?

Yes, the storage fee includes insurance at full replacement value based on Live Ex (wine trading platform) market value.

When will I know when to sell my wines or drink them?

JL Wine Consultancy sends a yearly valuation, this will give you the opportunity for you to discuss options and plan ahead. We will look after you and ensure you capitalise on your asset either by selling them at the end of the investment term or ensure you drink some of your wines when it is at its best.

Can I gift my wine investment to my children?

Yes, you can, providing they are above the legal age of 18 years. The 7 years rule for inheritance will apply but once that time has lapsed, there is no taxable capital gain on the investment as it is considered by the HRMC as a “wasting asset”. And during that 7 years period the wine investment will also gain in value.

We are not a tax specialist and cannot advise on any client’s personal tax affairs. Consequently, we recommend all clients refer to their financial adviser or accountant to accurately calculate the impact an investment might have on their tax bill.


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