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Fine Wine Investment

Do you increasingly have concerns that brokers may be making more from your current financial investments than you?

Fortunately, it’s a different story when it comes to wine.


The fine wine investment market reliably combines solid growth with tax efficiency and the benefits consistently outstrip other types of investments.  However, these benefits are not widely understood and to those in the know, often appear to be a ‘best kept secret.’ Consequently, myths about wine investments could mean that until now, you’ve been holding back from finding out more about this growing market. With this in mind, Joel has decided to demystify the subject of fine wine investment.

Download our complimentary report on ‘The 5 Myths that mean Wine Investment gets Dismissed by Investors’

Understand the facts that will change your perception

Discover the tax efficiencies available to investors

Learn how to take back the lion’s share of your investment returns … through wine

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“Wine is an interesting asset class and is tempting for those investors who wish to access a combination of solid growth and tax efficiency. But great knowledge and skill is required to drive the best outcomes and that is why I rely on Joel Lauga to guide me on what to buy and sell, and when. His encyclopaedic knowledge places him at the top of his field and I have learned a huge amount from working with him, as well as building an excellent portfolio of wines”.

Martin McCourt

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Former Global CEO Dyson.

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