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Connecting Wine Producers

With more than 30 years in the wine trade Joel has made some fabulous contacts with wineries around the world and many Sommeliers, Journalists and of course independent merchants and shippers. He has a very good understanding on how the Wine trade works in the UK and how to approach it.


Long Term Partnerships

A thoughtful and measured approach delivering long term strategy for the producers and their partners to enable them to successfully blossom and fulfil their ambitions in the market place.

Steps To Success

  1. Visit to the vineyard: the only way to fully connect with the producer and fully immerse in the project.

  2. Understanding the product, fully assess it and its positioning in the market place.

  3. Market review

  4. Proposal to the Client

  5. Personal approach to the right profile wine merchants, importers.

  6. Presentation and tasting 

  7. Facilitate and establish a working partnership

  8. Support as might be required by importer/winery to do days of work in the market place.

  9. Regular update and contacts with both Client and Distributor to ensure there is a smooth and trusting working relationship.

  10. Yearly visits to the vineyard, to discuss and assess following vintage.

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